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Reduce load time on graphics.
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Package to increase traffic from search engines. Includes 5 tools:
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  GIFBot benefits:

Faster loading graphics
Free Tool
Easy to Use
No loss of image quality

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The ultimate balancing act - Graphics versus Load Time

One of a Web designer's most frustrating tasks is to balance attractive graphic design against load time constraints.

Surveys indicate that if your page doesn't load in 8 seconds, you'll lose 1/3 of your visitors! But images add color, interest, and appeal to a Web page. What's a designer to do?

Your first step is reducing your image file size. Use our free graphics optimization tool, GIFBot, to help you! Other techniques to speed up your page include reusing your graphics and preloading images. Learn more about image optimization techniques here.

GIFBot Free Sample 
"Fat" graphics are the leading cause of slow-loading Web pages. Use this free image optimizer to slim all the graphics on your Web site.
(1)   Enter the image URL

Enter the URL address of the image you would like to optimize. Or enter a Web page address and we'll list all the images on that page.


OR select an image file on your computer to upload.

        Image File:  
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(2)   Enter your email address.

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(3)   Select output format.
Besides optimizing your graphics, GIFBot can change the format of your image. Tell us whether you'd like your slimmed-down images to be in GIF or JPEG format.

       Output Format:   
(4)   Run your test.
GIFBot is safe to use. We change nothing on your Web site. Click to start optimizing:


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