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Let our robot find broken links in your Web site. We'll verify the status of each link in your Web site.

Testing may take several hours for a large site. Submit a background job and we'll send you e-mail when it's done.

It's the Webmaster's biggest headache: finding broken links in his or her Web site. With the Web constantly changing, link verification can be a major job even for small Web sites.

NetMechanic Link Check is a free online verification and validation tool that can help you find the broken links in your site.

Our Link Check robot will search your Web site, testing, verifying and validating each link. When we're done we'll report all broken links we found and the status of each link we tested.

Link Check is safe and effective. Our robot changes nothing on your site; it simply diagnoses and reports on broken links. Our robot also pauses between each access to your Web server, ensuring that a minimum load is placed on your server.

Use our link verification robot regularly and broken links will be a thing of the past.

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