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Nearly 5% of links on the Web are broken! Don't let this happen to you. HTML Toolbox can find embarrassing errors in your site before they cause a problem. This tool will check up to 5 Pages in your site. The subscription version will test sites of up to 400 pages. Click here for details.

The software works from our servers, so there's nothing to download or install on your computer. Just enter your URL and submit.

HTML Toolbox includes these 5 key tests:

Link Check

With the Web constantly changing, finding broken links can be a big headache. Our Link Check tool will search your site, testing each link it finds. We'll report the status of each link we tested.

HTML Check

Bad tag usage and non-standard extensions can make it difficult for browsers to process your HTML. Validating your HTML increases the chance that your Web site will look good for 100% of your visitors. Our HTML validator robot will find bad HTML tags in your pages. We'll find syntax errors, typos, and non-standard tags. Plus we'll recommend ways to improve your page!

Browser Compatibility

All browsers are not made alike. If your HTML is not supported by certain browsers, users of those browsers will have difficulty viewing your site. Enter the URL of your home page. We'll scan your site and report on HTML tags and attributes that aren't supported by different versions of the major browsers. We'll tell you exactly how many users are affected by each problem!

Load Time Check

Slow load times can deter users from viewing your site. Our robot will check the download time for your Web pages. We'll report the size of each object in your pages. We will also spot HTML problems (e.g. number of server connections, graphics, etc.) that can delay page loading.

Spell Check

Our automated tool will visit one or all of your web pages and check the text on the page for spelling errors. Enter the URL of your Web page and we'll give you a complete report. Use an optional Custom Dictionary to list words you want our spell checker to ignore.

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