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Link checking improves your page . Check HTML code Speed up load time Find Browser Display Problems
Link checking is important for your professional image.

Find HTML Code Errors.
HTML Toolbox checks HTML code, links, spelling, & more.
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Find Browser Problems.
Browser Photo lets you view your page under all major browsers.

Image Optimization Tool
Reduce load time on graphics.

Search Engine Placement Tools
Package to increase traffic from search engines. Includes 5 tools:
 • Keyword Popularity Tool
 • META Tag Generator
 • Search Engine Optimization
 • Search Engine Submission
 • Search Engine Ranking Tool

Search Engine Submission
Stand-Alone Submission Tool

Site Monitoring
Checks your site every 15 minutes.

HTML Tutorial and Tips
Search Engine Tutorial
Browser Problem Tutorial

    Have You Checked Your Site For Bad Links Lately?

  Check links and code regularly. Does Your Site Have Dead Links?
Broken links drive customers away.
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Did you know broken links affect you in search engines?
Broken links keep search engine spiders from properly indexing your site.
Are There Errors On Your Site?
HTML code errors make your site look bad and confuse your visitors.
Repair Your Page With One Click!
HTML Toolbox fixes pages automatically. Try It!

Link checking doesn't have to take hours.

Our automated tool quickly checks your site for broken links, bad HTML, spelling errors, load time, browser compatibility, and more.

HTML Toolbox is an award winning product that identifies site problems and automatically repairs HTML code for you with just one click.

CNET picks HTML Toolbox for its Editor's Choice Award!
CNET Editor's Choice

PC Magazine awards 4 stars to HTML Toolbox
Four Star Rating
PC Magazine

No other Web site tool offers so many benefits for so little cost. Only $60 a year per URL for sites of up to 100 pages.
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Service Features and Benefits

Power Tools. HTML Toolbox comes with these five key tools:

  1. Powerful Link Checker - Over 5% of links on the Web are broken! Our Link Check tool will search your site, testing each link it finds. We'll report the status of each link we tested. Broken links hurt your professional image and can keep search engine spiders from indexing your whole site.

  2. Automated HTML Check and Repair - Bad tag usage, html code syntax errors, and spelling typos can make it difficult for browsers to process your HTML and visitors to read your site. Our HTML validator robot finds bad HTML tags in your pages. Plus, at your command, we'll automatically generate a repaired page to upload to your site.

  3. Browser Compatibility Test - All browsers are different. If your HTML is not supported by certain browsers, users of those browsers will have difficulty viewing your site - which could cause visitors to leave your site and go to your competitors. HTML Toolbox scans your site and reports on HTML tags and attributes that aren't supported by different versions of the major browsers.

  4. Load Time Checker - Slow load times can deter users from viewing your site. Our robot will check the download time for your Web pages. We'll report the size of each object in your pages. We will also spot HTML problems (e.g. number of server connections, graphics, etc.) that can delay page loading.

  5. Spell Checker - Our automated spelling checking tool reviews the text on your pages for spelling errors. You can also use an optional Custom Dictionary to list words you want our spell checker to ignore.

Repairs HTML errors. HTML Toolbox spots common HTML code errors, fixes most errors it finds on your request, and at your command, generates a repaired file for you to upload. If we can't fix your problem, we will identify those problems for you.

No downloads or software to install. Our software works directly from our site. No need to install anything on your computer. This insures you always have the latest version of the software.

Automatic testing. You can schedule weekly, biweekly or monthly tests of your site. We'll notify you by email when your results are ready.

Testing on demand. Log into your account and test your site at any time at no extra cost. This is handy if you're creating new pages and want to test them before going live.

Configurable. Tell us what tests you want to run. Tailor our tools to your preferences.

Latest Standards. Our tools are updated regularly to stay in step with the latest HTML standards. You get these software updates free of charge!

Safe and Effective. We won't change anything on your Web site. All corrections are made to a copy of your Web page that you can download and install when you're ready.

Tests your whole site. Most HTML editors only check only one page at a time. HTML Toolbox checks your whole site with one command, including all the links. Total quality assurance for the whole site.


Site Size Annual Price (US dollars)
1 - 100 pages or frames $60 per URL
101 - 400 pages or frames $200 per URL
Larger than 400 pages or frames Click here.

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Don't know how big your site is? Click here to let our robot count your pages for you.

Multiple payment options. Pay by credit card or corporate purchase order. Click here for purchase order details.

Web Designer Specials. Are you a Web site designer who builds ten or more sites a year? Ask about our custom design shop packages.


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