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"I love HTML Toolbox and would be lost without it.  I have a large site and just don't have the time to test it all myself."

Cindi Stapleton
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Speed Up Your Pages Without Losing Image Quality!


  • Are You Losing Visitors? If a page doesn't load in 8 seconds, you'll lose 1/3 of your visitors
  • Are Your Pages Too Slow? Fat graphics are the leading cause of slow Web pages.


Use GIFBot To Speed Up Your Site! Change File Size, NOT Image Size! GIFBot reduces the image file size, but the display size doesn't change. Don't lose visitors - Accelerate your site with GIFBot!


GIFBot is a free tool that compresses your GIF, JPEG, and animated GIF images. Decrease image file size without sacrificing image quality!


Service Features


Convenient:  Analyze and compress images on your Web site or on your own PC.


Fast! Results are available instantly. Speed up your site with just a few mouse clicks.


Easy To Use: GIFBot lets you compare your original image to the compressed images. Select and download a compressed image file with one mouse click, then upload the new image to your site.


Maintain Page Layout: GIFBot reduces image file size, not actual image dimensions. Page layout doesn't change, but your page loads faster.


Safe to Use: GIFBot doesn't require software downloads.


Image Previews: Use the exclusive rollover feature to compare your original image to ones with reduced resolutions and select the optimum image for your site.




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