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Speed Up Your Pages Without Losing Image Quality!


  • Are You Losing Visitors? If a page doesn't load in 8 seconds, you'll lose 1/3 of your visitors
  • Are Your Pages Too Slow? Fat graphics are the leading cause of slow Web pages.


Use GIFBot To Speed Up Your Site! GIFBot is a FREE tool. Try it now! Change File Size, NOT Image Size! GIFBot reduces the image file size, but the display size doesn't change. Don't lose visitors - Accelerate your site with GIFBot!


GIFBot is a free tool that compresses your GIF, JPEG, and animated GIF images. Decrease image file size without sacrificing image quality!


Service Features


Convenient:  Analyze and compress images on your Web site or on your own PC.


Fast! Results are available instantly. Speed up your site with just a few mouse clicks.


Easy To Use: GIFBot lets you compare your original image to the compressed images. Select and download a compressed image file with one mouse click, then upload the new image to your site.


Maintain Page Layout: GIFBot reduces image file size, not actual image dimensions. Page layout doesn't change, but your page loads faster.


Safe to Use: GIFBot doesn't require software downloads.


Image Previews: Use the exclusive rollover feature to compare your original image to ones with reduced resolutions and select the optimum image for your site.


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