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Why didn't somebody think of this sooner? Anyone who has ever created a Web page has heard from someone, somewhere that it doesn't display correctly on their machine. That's why Browser Photo is such a good idea. I think you're going to like this one.

Bill Machrone,,
Contributing Editor, PC Magazine





Web Designers - use Browser Photo to test your clients Web sites.


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Browser Compatibility Testing with Browser Photo


  • Do Your Pages Look The Same on All Browsers? Probably not! The same page seen on each different browser can have a different look.
  • Are You Losing Visitors Because Of Broken Pages? Visitors blame the Web site, not the browser


Browser display problems can ruin your Web pages! Browser display differences can be caused by:


  • Multiple Browsers - Internet Explorer, Opera, FireFox and Safari.
  • Different Browser Versions
  • Different Computer Platforms - Windows, Mac, and now Linux.
  • Screen Size - From 800 x 600 pixels to 1024 x 768.
  • HTML Errors - Mistakes that break your page.
  • Browser Bugs - Little known errors cause big problems.


Check Your Pages With Browser Photo! View actual photos of your Web pages on major browsers and computers.


Service Details


Browser Photo helps avoid display differences by showing you actual photos - not emulations -- of your pages taken on 12 different browser and computer configuration combinations!


It's Affordable! Building a test laboratory to get the same capability as cost-effective Browser Photo provides would cost at least $4,500.


Catch Errors Made By Your HTML Editor. Often FrontPage HTML works with Internet Explorer, but not other browsers. Browser Photo spots these problems.


Web Designers, show your stuff. Print-friendly reports show clients or bosses what you've done! Check out our Web Designer packages.


Browser Photo is an automated, easy-to-use tool that requires no downloads or installation and is continually updated.


Online Access Anywhere, Anytime. Through an internet connection, you can test your Web pages 24 hours a day from anywhere around the world.


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