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"It really relieves a big burden when you have someone constantly checking your site to make sure you are serving pages and queries properly. If there is any problem, Server Check Pro alerts us with an alphanumeric pager message that enables us to get started on solving the problem right away."

Eric Wolf
Senior Software Engineer, Kansas City Southern Railway


Server Check Pro Frequently Asked Questions

What needs to be monitored and how does it work?    more....

Evaluate your site for HTML code errors

Expand your customer base with HTML Toolbox. Ensure continuous availability and quality service for online customers. And, keep the lines open for those search engine spiders.


Optimize your site for search engines

Optimize your site with Search Engine Power Pack to help choose the right keywords; generate correct titles & Meta tags; improve search engine ranking pages.


Server monitoring

Generate revenue through good online customer experiences.

Monitor your website's performance every 15 minutes, 24/7, to make sure the server is up and customers continually have easy access to your site.




Site Check Monitorin

Protect online revenue: Make sure your customers can complete transactions.


Server Check website tools monitor server responses every 15 minutes, 24/7 from our servers in 3 geographical locations in the U.S. and Europe.

Make sure that your site offers good performance, servers that are always up and running and keywords that can be found on each page.

NetMechanic also monitors pages requiring Secure Socket layer connections, sites built on CGI, Active Server Pages, Cold Fusion and other dynamic technologies.


Server Check tracks server performance and alerts you to problems via numeric pager, alpha-numeric pager or email to allow for immediate repair.

To keep your customers and build your revenue, know that your site is always performing well. View your server performance at any time - real-time.


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