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Site monitoring service.
Site monitoring service.

Find Site Errors
Check HTML code, links & more.

See Browser Problems.
Browser Photo lets you view your page under all major browsers.

Image Optimization Tool
Reduce load time on graphics.

Search Engine Placement Tools
Package to increase traffic from search engines. Includes 5 tools:
 • Keyword Popularity Tool
 • META Tag Generator
 • Search Engine Optimization
 • Search Engine Submission
 • Search Engine Ranking Tool

Search Engine Registration
Stand-Alone Submission Tool

Site Monitoring
Checks your site every 15 minutes.
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HTML Tutorial and Tips
Search Engine Tutorial
Browser Problem Tutorial

Affordable, Reliable Server Monitoring 24x7

  Do you know if your site is up?
You can't watch your site 24 hours a day. Our site monitoring service checks your server every 15 minutes.
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Don't lose customers due to a down server.
Server down time equals lost revenue.
How well is your server performing?
We'll track server performance and deliver regular statistical reports.

Server Monitoring You Can Depend On

In the past year, 41% of Web servers have had substantial down time. NetMechanic's Server Check Pro will monitor server responses every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We'll notify you by numeric pager, alpha-numeric pager, or email, so immediate attention can be directed to resolving down-time problems.

Satisfaction Guaranteed! We'll refund your monthly fee if you're not completely satisfied with Server Check Pro.

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Service Features

Continual Site Monitoring We'll test your server every 15 minutes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can sleep.

Problem Alerts. If your server has a problem, we'll notify you by your choice of numeric pager, alpha-numeric pager, or email.

Configurable. Options include:

  • Server not responding.
  • Server slow to respond.
  • Missing keywords on your page.
  • Server performance below a desired level.

Multiple, International Stations. We monitor your server from three geographically separated locations on different backbones. Watch how your server performs from the U.S. and Europe.

Secure Socket Support. We monitor Web pages that require Secure Socket Layer connections. This enables us to monitor all "https" sites for performance and downtime. HTACCESS controlled sites can also be monitored.

External and Upstream. Our monitoring stations are outside of your facility. We can detect problems in your upstream connectivity.

Problem Verification. Our multiple, international stations helps reduce false alarms. Our monitoring stations compare your server's performance. You're notified only if they see the same problem.

Application Monitoring. We also monitor sites that are built via CGI, Active Server Pages, Cold Fusion or other dynamic technology.

Real Time Statistics. Log in any time and view your server's performance.

No Downloads. Our software runs off of our servers. No need to install on your server.


Account Setup $9.99 fee
Basic Account** $19.99 per month for a single URL
Additional URLs $19.99 per month
Email Notifications Free
Toll-free Pager Notifications* Free
Long Distance Pager Notification* $0.35 per call

* North America only.
All prices are in U.S. dollars.

**Price scheduled to increase to $19.99 starting 1 Nov 2002.

At these prices, Server Check Pro is the most affordable site monitoring solution on the Web.

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More Information

Free Server Monitoring Sample. Monitor your server for 8 hours with our Free Trial.

Sample Results. See a sample of our server monitoring results.

Take a Look. Use our guest login to take a look at our user interface.

Technical Specifications. Read our Server Monitoring FAQ for more details and technical specifications.


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